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genetierneyfans's Journal

So Charming, So Young and So Beautiful
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This community is for the well-known actress in the classic film era, Gene Tierney. She is most recognized for her role in the film Laura! The way to explain her life and career best would be that on-screen, she was in a dream but, off-screen and in reality, she had dreadful times and her days were turned into nightmares. She was known to be "Unquestionably the most beautiful woman in movie history"! To learn more about this wonderful actress and tragic lady, you may check out the great following websites dedicated to her, Gene Tierney Web Site and Gene Tierney at TheMave.com

1- It would be much appreciated if you would introduce yourself when you join the group so we can get to know you, then you're free to share anything you'd like about Gene!
2- This is a Gene Tierney community, please keep all posts on that subject alone.
3- Be nice to the members and moderators of the group. If someone posts something that you don't agree upon, just share your opinion like that person did.
4- Have lots and lots of fun!

1- pickyourselfup for helping me decide to "un-delete" this community, as it once was deleted.
2- The Glinted Brush for the textures and brushes in the icons!


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